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Hi, I am Thomas Mietz, the head instructor of Carpe Diem Jiyugaoka. After spending the last 5 years training and competing professionally, I am now dedicating my time to teaching and running the Jiyugaoka dojo.

Jiyugaoka has been designed with the idea of a place 100% dedicated to BJJ. Its wide mat space, convenient location, top instructors and variety of classes are making it one of the best dojos to train at in Asia.

All of our instructors are highly decorated competitors and specialists in BJJ. But more than being competitors, they are also highly-skilled and professional full-time instructors.

Our priority is to help you achieve your goals whilst making sure that you are having a great time and staying safe.

We have classes which cater to all abilities and ages; adults, children, beginner, advanced, competitors and practitioners. Whatever your physical condition, age, gender or nationality, we can help you to learn Jiu-Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a booming sport worldwide

From a fitness perspective, BJJ is particularly interesting because it requires a good combination of agility, flexibility, stamina and strength to perform. From the level of Blue Belt, we can say that any BJJ fighter is a true athlete. But that's not all…

Mentally, it takes a good understanding of body mechanics, body dynamics, movement, coordination and spatial-awareness. It can sometimes be like gymnastics for the mind because it forces us to be focused and organized in the processing of information in order to acquire experience.

Emotionally, BJJ is a great way to develop self-control. Having to deal with physical pressure can be compared to our struggles in everyday life, where most of our issues can be dealt with when approached with a calm analysis and choosing the appropriate response. Keeping cool in any situation, especially in the worst situations, is a must.

BJJ teaches us strong values like respect, determination, commitment and humility. But it is also a fun sport, where creativity is encouraged and where one is constantly pushed to learn and develop new techniques and combinations. BJJ is a martial art because it is a style of fighting that requires someone to control a resisting opponent without hurting them, whilst using the minimum amount of strength and the maximum amount of technique. But we quickly realize that often our first and toughest opponent is ourselves! Finally, it is also an activity that pushes us to a greater level of introspection and spirituality. We practice in a sacred-like place; the dojo, wear a uniform; the gi, go through a difficult ranking system to reach the symbol of accomplishment; the black belt.

Our Vision

At Jiyugaoka, we will continue the ethos of Carpe Diem BJJ being "basically a place to sweat and learn techniques" in the words of Mr Ishikawa (director of Carpe Diem BJJ).

The space, changing rooms and mat area have been carefully designed to fit perfectly and attain the highest standard in the practice of combat-sports.

Our aim is to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed place to learn BJJ whilst spending time with friends and family.

The structures and materials were carefully chosen to create that unique CARPE DIEM BJJ touch.

Our Space


Head Instructor/Black Belt

Date of Birth: December 20, 1986
Hometown: Nanterre, France

  • IBJJF Asians 1st place (Black Belt, Medium-Heavy, 2019)
  • UAEJJF Tokyo Grand Slam 2nd place (Black Belt, Medium-Heavy, 2019)
  • JBJJF All Japan 1st place (Black Belt, Medium- Heavy and Absolute, 2019)
What is CARPE DIEM for you?

To me Carpe Diem BJJ is a place where we can train hard and forget about our concerns and everyday life problems. Being a member here helped me to get integrated into Japanese society, being a foreigner doesn’t really matters on the mat.
I am proud to represent Carpe Diem, and also happy we have dojos in various countries like England, Singapore and South Korea. The international aspect of our dojo is very important to me.
I entered Carpe Diem BJJ when we had only 2 gyms. Now we are more than 15! I think we really have what it takes to be part of the elite of BJJ and also bring our special touch in it! I entered here when I was a fresh Blue Belt and went all the way to Black Belt. All I can say is the level of training we have is world class.


Instructor/Black Belt

Date of Birth: August 4, 1992
Hometown: Fukushima, Japan

  • IBJJF Tokyo International open 1st place (Black belt,Medium heavy,2019)
  • JBJJF All Japan Championship 1st place (Black belt,Middle,2019)
  • UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grandslam Tokyo 1st place (Brown belt,-77kg,2017)
What is CARPE DIEM for you?

Carpe Diem BJJ is a turning point for me. I’d been training in jujitsu as a hobby, and eventually I came to Tokyo to fully develop my interests and become a stronger man. I feel I am absolutely achieving that through the high-quality training here and experience in overseas tournaments among other benefits. Every day I spend at Carpe Diem BJJ is fantastically encouraging at the highest level, just as I'd imagined it could be. I intend to keep training here and grow even stronger.


Instructor/Brown belt

Date of Birth: December 23, 1999
Hometown: Kagoshima city, Kagoshima, Japan

  • IBJJF Asian International Championship 1st place(Purple belt,Feather,2019)
  • UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grandslam Tokyo 1st place(Purple belt,-69kg,2019)
  • JBJJF All Japan Championship 1st place(Purple belt,Feather,2019)
What is CARPE DIEM for you?

For me, Carpe Diem BJJ is where I can gain a lot a valuable experience. If you work at a typical office, you could lead an ordinary life. That might be a good thing for some people...but I want my work to be jujutsu, the kind of work where I can forget everything else, even myself, and get completely lost in it.

A place where I can be free to train my best jujutsu to my fullest extent. That is Carpe Diem BJJ.

Craig Hutchison

Instructor/Brown Belt

Date of Birth: May 7, 1998
Hometown: Bath, United Kingdom

  • JBJJF All Japan Championship 1st place (Purple Light 2020)
  • UKBJJA British Open 1st place (Blue Belt, Light, 2017)
  • UKBJJA English Open 1st place (Blue Belt, Light, 2018)
What is CARPE DIEM for you?

To me, Carpe Diem is a place of opportunity. It is a hub of talent and dedication towards the improvement and evolution of jiu jitsu. With so many like-minded people, the rapid rate of progression is inevitable. Each day we push each other to be better than we were yesterday, even by just 1%.

Being at Carpe Diem has allowed me to live through jiu jitsu, sharing and gaining knowledge on what I am most passionate about. I think that a place offering this kind of opportunity for its staff as well as for the members to learn from such a wide variety of instructors is very rare and for that I am always grateful. I could not ask for a better place to train and teach!

B1F 1-4-6, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0035, Japan
It takes 3 minutes from iyugaoka Sta.

Free Observation of Lessons

Visitors who want to see what we do at CARPE DIEM BJJ are welcome to stop by at any time to observe one of our classes. No prior appointment is necessary, although we ask that you not disturb the class upon entering/exiting. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have before and after the class.

Free Trial Lessons

Interested people may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson at CARPE DIEM BJJ. Please contact Yuki Ishikawa to arrange the time, date and location. If you are coming for a trial lesson, or for your first few lessons, you don’t need to bring anything. We will provide you with a Gi (the traditional Jiu-jitsu uniform) and a towel. We have changing rooms and shower facilities. Soap and shampoo are provided.


Joining Fee

Monthly Fee

※If you pay one year in advance the membership only requires an 11 month payment. (1month discount!)
※8 Day Membership : You are able to train to 8 days a month.
※Kids Membership : 4 to 12 years of age.


Private Lesson

※There will be a 100% cancellation fee charge if you cancel on that day.

First month of fees for new members

When new members join during the month, the first month’s fees will be prorated to the nearest third of the month.
For example; joining any time in the first ten days will incur a full month of fees. In the next ten days membership will be prorated to two thirds of the month and so on.
If you have any questions about this feel free to contact our staff.

Please bring the following with you when enrolling at CARPE DIEM BJJ.

Membership Suspension
Resigning Membership
Changing Membership

Temporary suspension of membership will incur a 2,000JPY/month administration charge. Resignation when membership is in arrears cannot be accepted. In all cases please make any requests before the 10th of the month. For example, if you wish to resign or change your membership at the end of May, please notify us by May 10th.

Kimono Cleaning & Private Locker Service

This service allows you to keep your Kimono at the dojo. When you finish training just throw your kimono in the basket provided in the changing rooms and the staff will wash, dry, fold and put your kimono in your locker. This service includes the use of a rental towel. So there is no need to bring anything when you come to the dojo. Of course you can also keep other stuff such as supplements in your locker too.

They will learn

Self Defence / Anti-Bullying

BJJ is one of the most efficient combat-style systems. The kids will learn how to deal with physical aggression, control their partner and subdue them without hurting them.


BJJ is also a martial art, and we cary rules and values that are meant to be respected inside and outside the dojo.


Through games and activities, kids will expend energy and laugh! It’s important to us to maintain the children’s interest and keep them engaged as they will learn better if they have fun on the way.


Children will also learn how to control their bodies and how to move well. They will become stronger, more flexible and more balanced.


Learning how to deal with an aggressive opponent but also their own fears and worries will help your children to become more confident and resilient.


Monday, Tuesday (Nogi), Thursday

  • 16:00-16:50 Junior Kids class (4-8 years old children)
  • 17:00-18:00 Senior Kids class (8-12 years old children)


  • 13:00-14:00 Family BJJ
Class System

Age groups

Classes are divided into age groups; 4-8 years old and 8-12 years old. On Saturday, the family bjj class allows children to train together with adults, whatever their age.


Class are taught in English and Japanese. We encourage multiculturalism.

Gi / Nogi

On Monday, Thursday and Saturday, children will learn Gi BJJ. On Tuesday, it is Nogi. Nogi is BJJ but without the Kimono, wearing only shorts and rashguard or t-shirts.

Family BJJ

The family BJJ class was created to allow kids and their parents to train together and share a good time on the mat. If you are a member CDBJJ Jiyugaoka, you can have one of your family members train for free in this class.


All along the year, we will organize events such as parties, gatherings and seminars. We will also take the kids to tournaments if they want to compete.

Drop-in for CARPE DIEM Members

Members of Carpe Diem BJJ seeking to train at one of our other dojos can do so by paying ¥1000 per day. There is no need to make a reservation prior to your visit. On Fridays when the Jiyugaoka dojo is closed, you are welcome to train at the Hiroo dojo free of charge.


If you train with a dojo other than CARPE DIEM and want to train with us, please send us an email to let us know in advance. Failure to do so may mean being unable to train with us, so please don't hesitate to make contact first! You can training with us according to the following fee

Dojo etiquette

Here's a quick overview of the etiquette we like to follow in our dojos. These aren't "rules" so much as what we think of as proper decorum in the dojo. We believe all of these are within the bounds of common sense, and we hope you'll agree.

Please feel free to contact us.